In the low light - gleam

In Production


Uchida Akira – Moj

Moj is a Persian term, meaning a wave. Creating a moment for a dialogue between your inner self and the external world by immersing yourself in the waves of various sounds—that’s the aim of this project called Moj.


silk road

Akira Uchida will craft a clavichord from the used floorboards once forming the Kiyomizu-dera Temple’s Main Hall stage and with it will perform.



Spring brings a feast of earth, Summer brings a feast of water, Autumn brings a feast of wind, Winter brings a feast of fire, Be still. Let your eyes close, and just enjoy them.


chord -snow bird-

Musician Akira Uchida kicks off his debut clavichord album series with this title, containing two musical pieces inspired by impressive winter scenes he encountered.